KYX Nationals

Kappa Upsilon Chi (KYX) a national fraternity for Christian men founded in 1993 on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas in response to the demand for a Christian brotherhood on campus.

Four men with a vision for something greater sought to create a place where Christian ideals truly met collegiate tradition. Like most traditional collegiate fraternities we are bound by friendship, honor, and common interests. However, we are first and foremost bound by the love of Jesus Christ, God’s son, our Savior.

The movement from a local fraternity to a national fraternity began in the fall of 1995 when 12 men established a Beta Chapter of Kappa Upsilon Chi at Wayland Baptist University. From there, the Fraternity has steadily grown as the concept has been publicized. The fraternity now stretches across five states with fourteen chapters. As of now, approximately 1,500 men have been initiated into the fraternity with the number rising each year as new chapters are established and the existing chapters grow.

The Greek letters of Kappa Upsilon Chi represent the organization’s primary name, “Keeping Under Christ” – which in itself is a philosophy on which this organization was founded and on which it thrives today.